Fall, Run For The Arts and You

25 Sep

So.  It’s the first full day of Autumn in Oregon.  And what’s the weather doing?  Why do I even bother asking that question, when I already know the answer?  I’ve been a resident of Oregon for over 17 years (!!!) now, yet I still can’t bring myself to stop asking that question.  I love a good rain storm in late July with thunder and lightning; I’m like a cat hanging on a screen door when blue sky first appears in Spring; I actually get excited about the threat of snow and constantly look out whatever window is near in anticipation of frozen water falling from the sky.  I find weather and seasons fascinating and have come to terms with the fact that weather happens here, as opposed to where I grew up (Sonoma County, NoCal), where it didn’t.  Predictability can be good, but the unpredictable can be exhilarating!

Having said all that, and essentially admitting to be being a “weather dork”, Fall is officially upon us.  Which, for Young Audiences, means a couple of things in regards to the Run For The Arts program.  For those of you unfamiliar with the program, there’s a tremendous amount of information on our website, but in a nutshell, it’s a tool schools can use to raise funds from their immediate community to get desperately needed arts programming in their schools.

First, we have what we refer to as the “Fall Run“, which takes place the whole month of October.  If you’re school is interested in doing a Run in October, there is still time to sign up.  If not, well, there’s also a Run in Spring, which takes place between mid-March and the end of April.  Most schools in the greater Portland-metropolitan should be receiving information in the mail any day now, so be on the look out – this is a great and easy way to raise some money specifically for your school, specifically for arts related education.

Press Run for 2010 Run For The Arts T-Shirt

T-Shirt Design Winner at T-Shirt Press Run

The second project that’s going on is the Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest.  Every year, we ask for artistic submissions from students in area schools that may potentially be used as the design for the following years Run For The Arts t-shirt.  I have to say, every year, we have a hard time selecting the winning design as all the entries are really impressive.  The student whose design does get picked gets to work with us and a professional designer to hone the image, which will eventually appear on thousands of t-shirts as well as tens of thousands of sponsor sheets and posters. The best part, at least for me, is going to the “press run”; the student, the professional designer and a couple of staff members go to the factory where the t-shirt gets screen printed and watch the whole process involved in creating the shirt.  I think it’s pretty cool seeing the evolution of the original design transformed into printed materials and the t-shirt; it’s one of the highlights of year, rain or shine.

Submissions for the contest are due by October 31st.  Rules, guidelines and the entry form can be found on our website.

The Fall Run For The Arts as well as the Spring Run can be found on our website.  Heck, just about everything can be found on our website, so check it out.  And carry an umbrella.  Just in case.


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