Summer’s End and Run For The Arts

6 Sep

courtesy: NWS

When Labor Day comes and goes, most people are prone to say summer is over.  For those of us in Portland, Oregon, that couldn’t be further from the truth this week; we’re expecting 90 degree heat through the weekend, possibly reaching close to 100 degrees along the way.  For us, summer is still on.

For students at most of the area schools, post-labor day is back to school.  I will admit it was nice having the ability to sit on the bus for my ride to work while school was out.  Today, however, it was back to the way it was; standing up for a good portion of the trip.  Welcome back students!

At the office right now, I have several projects going on for Young Audiences.  The first is the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts.  In a nutshell, this is a program that helps participating schools raise money for arts education and arts education-related expenses.  The Run (as we call it) is a jogathon the schools hold at their individual locations, with Young Audiences supplying the posters and the sponsor sheets for the students.  We also supply prizes for those students at each school who earn the most points (combined laps and total number of sponsors).  If you’d like to learn more about the Run, click here.  For entry forms for the Fall Run (October 2011) or the Spring 2012 Run (mid-March through April), they can be found here.

Run For The Arts

The other project that’s going on is the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt design contest.  This is open to all students for submission.  The entry form and rules can be found here.  Every year, Young Audiences holds this contest to see which design will be on next year’s t-shirt.  As part of the prizes, we provide t-shirts to the students who earn 30 or more points during the actual run, and the shirts have become somewhat of a collectible item.  The really fun part of being the T-Shirt Design Contest Winner is the winner gets a $350 prize, the opportunity to work with a graphic designer in preparing the image for the various printing formats and having their artwork appear on our website, the posters and the sponsor sheets, which is seen by everyone!

Having said all that, the cut-off date for submissions for the T-Shirt Design Contest is October 31st, 2011.  To take part in the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts, getting the paperwork in within the next few weeks ensures you have sufficient time to plan the Run, hold the Run and get the prizes to the students before the winter holiday.  Consider doing both, or a least one; the students are MORE than worth it.


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