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We’re Having an Open House and You Should Come!

22 Feb
The View - Looking NE

First Presbyterian Church and Old Town

So we moved into our new office space way back in December (well, to me it seems like a long time ago, even though it’s only been 3 months) and we’re pretty much settled in.  We also completed our big annual Gala on February 11.  And the Spring Run For The Arts is going full tilt as well.

The Heart of Downtown

The Heart of Downtown - looking SE

So we thought, “Why not have an open house?”  We figured this would be a good way for the community, supporters and those not-so-familiar with Young Audiences to come to our office, have some nibbles (I can never seem to spell “Horse Devours” correctly) and wine and check out our new space.  Plus, the office has some excellent views of downtown, the Pearl and the West Hills – what’s not to like?

If you’re interested in stopping by, click here and get on the list to attend!  We’d love to see, and meet you!

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