2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest Winner and Winning Design

8 Mar

Run For The Arts

In the last 8 days, we here in Portland have gone from threats of snow the last few days of February to nearly 60 degrees over the weekend, then back to snow on Tuesday and soon we’ll be back in the 60 degree range.  Crazy weather.  Of course, it could be worse.

Having complained about the weather, it should come as no surprise that selecting the winning design for the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt was just as crazy; we had a very hard time deciding which one would be the winner, and we were all over the map!   And since it took us FOREVER to decide, it put the whole process behind schedule, something I try very diligently to avoid.

So without further a due, I’m pleased to announce the winning submission of the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest.2012 T-Shirt Design Winner  Her name is Caemlyn, age 9 and attends Arleta School.

Since selecting only one entry was so difficult, we made a few changes to the process.  In the past, there was only the winning design.  This year we decided to add some additional categories; First Runner Up, Second Runner Up and 2 Honorable Mentions (links are here and here).

The additional category winners all received a certificate proclaiming their achievement.  The overall winner received a certificate as well, $350.00, the opportunity to work with a seasoned designer in converting their drawing into digital media, attending our annual gala event as our guest, take part in a the initial press run of the t-shirt and will have their design appear on thousands of t-shirts and tens of thousands of sponsor sheets.  A pretty nice prize for being the winner, if I don’t say so myself.

So the crazy indecision we suffered was well worth it.  Of course, come January of next year, I may not feel the same way.


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