Schools and Arts Together

23 Aug

National Average versus Portland Schools

Today in Portland there are nearly 12,000 children attending schools that do not have any art, dance, drama, or music instruction. And the rate of decline for arts education here has been shockingly steep. Portland is home to six school districts and in the last five years, two of them (Parkrose and Centennial) have cut their arts and music teaching staff by half, while our largest (Portland Public Schools) has dropped all arts instruction in 22 schools in just two years.

With the Arts Education and Access Fund, the City of Portland will restore arts education by providing stable, long-term funding for certified teachers for every
elementary school serving Portland residents and support arts organizations citywide to improve access to the arts in every classroom and community.

Join us at and ‘Like’ us at After years of losing ground, we can ensure our children have the future they deserve, today and tomorrow.

courtesy: Keith Daly, Creative Advocacy Network


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