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Featured Artist: Will Hornyak

22 Oct

Storyteller Will Hornyak.

Storyteller Will Hornyak, 2004 Sunburst Artist of the Year, has been a staple on our artist roster since 1996, and is this week’s featured artist. Hailing from San Carlos, CA, Will now makes his way in the world teaching through Young Audiences and others, performing at events, and sharing his talents with festival and groups including the Portland Storyteller’s Guild. You can catch some of Will’s spooky stories — just in time for Halloween — this Friday and Saturday at Stonehenge Studios.

What is your art practice outside of teaching? I relate strongly to the wandering, itinerant Irish storytellers known as “shanachies.” They were keepers of the old stories, but they were masters of the craft who adapted those stories to suit any occasion. They threaded their way across the landscape, stitching together as they did town and countryside, public house and private hearth. I am an omnivore of traditional stories and am inspired by everything from Mexican folk-tales and Greek myths to Native American legends and Russian fairy-tales. I am half Hungarian and half Irish and have recently developed a number of Irish myths into hour-long performances for adults during the Samhain (Halloween) and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I love how stories and storytelling can open the door to work in schools and churches, prisons and pubs and beyond. Continue reading


Featured Artist: Andy Furgeson aka Red Yarn

15 Oct

Andy Furgeson aka Red Yarn

This week’s featured artist is none other than Andy Furgeson, aka Red Yarn: a one man (and sometimes band) of music, puppets, and forest creatures fun. An Austin, TX native and YA Roster artist since March 2011, this fall Red Yarn went full time as a teaching artist and can be found performing at schools, libraries, and community centers 5+ days a week.

(Look for his full schedule on the Red Yarn website and find his YA artist page here). In January 2010 Andy repurposed the Artclash Fun-A-Day project into Lomax-A-Day: choosing learn, record, and write about one song a day from Alan Lomax‘s 1960 Folk Songs of North America Anthology. Listen to and read from the archive of Andy’s writings and recording on Lomax-A-Day.

How does Oregon inspire your art making? In many ways. First, I’ve learned so much from the incredible community of musicians and artists I’ve found here, inspiring me to make my living by making art. Also, my creative process changes with Oregon’s seasons. In the winter and early spring I spend more time hunkered down, slowly generating new songs, puppets, and show ideas. In late spring, summer and early fall, I am out in the world, performing, collaborating, and letting the sunshine refuel my creative energy. Finally, Oregon’s natural landscape inspires my vision of the Deep Woods, the imagined world where all of my puppet characters live, where all of the animals from American folksongs coexist. Continue reading

Featured Artist: Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg

8 Oct

Just in case you forgot (not that you possibly could) Young Audiences has an incredible roster of teaching artists working in all sorts of media. Each week we will feature a different artist here on our blog and over on our Facebook page.

Self portrait by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg.

Our first featured artist is (drumroll please…) cartoonist, illustrator, and comics maven Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg. Hailing from the Garden State, Lisa now calls the NW home. In addition to teaching, Lisa self-publishes the comic series I Cut My Hair, has appeared in the anthologies Papercutter, Bird Hurdler, and Bearfight!, and is a member of the studio Tranquility Base. Check out her Young Audiences artist page here.

Why do you choose to work with children? I believe that education can be an empowering experience for children, and I want to be a part of that. I love serving students by working with them in the artistic medium I love: comics.

Illustration by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg.

In my residencies, I hope that the students learn… How to clearly and effectively communicate their ideas through comics. How to tell stories in a unique way by combining words and pictures, and that they *can* write and *can* draw.

My favorite part of working with kids is… Building relationships and learning more about their points of view. Continue reading

The 2012-2013 Run For The Arts

30 Aug

The Emerson School prepares to start their Run For The Arts

It’s late August here in Portland and the weather this summer has been pretty much perfect.  We had a few days of searing temperatures, but now we’re back to the mid-seventies.  Which is good, because school starts up again next week!

In our post from August 23, supplied by the Creative Advocacy Network, we noted Portland’s elementary schools have considerably less arts education than the national average.  In fact, over 12,000 children attend schools with no art, dance, theatre, or music instruction.  Well we, Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington, have a program that might help alleviate that situation in your school.  It’s a little something we call Run For The Arts.  In a nutshell, it’s a jog-a-thon schools can host to raises money solely to be used on arts and arts education programs.  It works like this;

  • Schools decide when to host their run – Fall 2012 or Spring 2013
  • Schools complete and submit the require Letter of Agreement Form  (Fall 2012 / Spring 2013)
  • Young Audiences provides the sponsor sheets and posters
  • Schools have their students get sponsors
  • Students do the jog-a-thon at their school
  • The school Run For The Arts Coordinators collect the sponsor sheets and associated funds raised from the students
  • Funds are turned into Young Audiences and held in individual school Run For The Arts accounts
  • Schools choose arts programs – residencies, workshops, field trips, performances – or arts supplies, and use their run funds to pay for them

It’s that simple.  The Fall 2012 Run happens from October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012, while the Spring 2013 Run happens from March 11, 2013 through April 30, 2013.  Since the program’s inception way back in 1977, schools have raised a combined $13, 600,000 for the arts.  And this past school year alone, participating schools raised nearly $800,000!

Contact Young Audiences to find out more:  503-225-5900 / email / web

Take a Class, Learn Something Useful…and Have Fun!

14 Mar
Peggy Ross

Peggy Ross

Do you have trouble sewing a button back on a shirt after it falls off unexpectedly, and at the most inappropriate time?  Ever wondered what it takes to create a simple cloth?  Have you ever wanted to learn either, or both?  Wait no more!

Our Roster Artist, Peggy Ross, is conducting some courses to cover both of those areas at PCC (Portland Community College) this spring.  Three to be exact; 1) Handweaving: Introduction, 2) Sewing Made Easy: Beginning and 3) Sewing Made Easy: Intermediate.

What are you waiting for?  It’s March in Portland, which means it’s raining outside.  Not just a little bit.  Not just some.  A LOT.  And as we all know, the sun won’t REALLY return until summer begins on July 5th.

Open Applications for Teaching Artists

14 Oct

Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington

Young Audiences is looking for teaching artists who…

·         are committed to inspiring the imaginations of young people

·         know the craft of their art forms deeply, through study and experience, and have their own dynamic artistic practices

·         bring young people into the world of their art forms, and embolden them to explore

·         see themselves as learners and teachers, and seek out opportunities for growth

·         show a willingness to collaborate

·         have experience with, and strategies for, working with the complexities and challenges of school environments

·         are based in the Portland metropolitan area


We welcome applications from residency and performing artists in all disciplines. Our programs are based in a 10-county area in Oregon and SW Washington. Schools (especially elementary schools) are the largest populations served, and some programming takes place in community settings. Some of our roster artists also choose to become arts providers for the Right Brain Initiative, through Young Audiences. Applications are due November 11 at 4:30 pm. For more information and to access the application, please click here.

I3 Teaching Artists Sought…

31 Aug

Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington is currently seeking  teaching artists for the Arts for  Learning Lessons Project in the Beaverton School District. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this project aims to improve literacy skills among grades 3-5 by leveraging the power of the arts with key reading and writing skills. Beginning with classroom-teacher-led, art-integrated lessons, each classroom participates in a five-session residency with a professional teaching artist in a specific art form every spring trimester. Art forms include music, dance/movement, and the visual art of collage combined with literary arts. Artists who have experience with one of these art forms and  experience working with elementary grade levels should apply. These positions include paid training February – March of 2012 and consistent work throughout April – June of 2012 with possible extensions into later years.

Desired attributes and qualifications:

  •  Knowledge of an art form (either music, dance/movement, or any visual art)
  • Willingness to follow a pre-designed outline of five classroom sessions
  • Classroom management skills for elementary grade levels
  • Adaptability to meet classroom teachers’ needs
  • Strategies for working with the complexities of a school environment
  • Self-reflective about teaching practice
  • Willingness/interest in collaborating with fellow teaching artists in the project
  • Located in the Portland-Metro area or ability to commute to Beaverton for typical school hours
  • Able to pass a criminal background check

Note: This application process is for work through the Arts for Learning Lessons Project  only. For more information on how to become a Young Audiences roster artist, please go to our website.

source: Allison Tigard, Arts for Learning Program Coordinator

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