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DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets

23 Apr

Obo Addy

International artist, Young Audiences’ Roster Artist and Portland treasure Obo Addy takes to the streets, collaborates with the local hip hop community for a one-night event.  Following are the details:

DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets blends traditional Ghanaian drumming with modern day music and dance

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 23, 2012 – The newest production by the Obo Addy Legacy Project, DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets, demonstrates the powerful connection between African traditions and the newer forms of dance and music popularized by today’s young African Americans. The legendary Obo Addy will be joined by well-known Portland artists Mic Crenshaw and Alan Wone to present a history of African music and dance from its traditional roots to urban dance music. The all ages show will take place May 25 at 7:30 pm at the Alberta Rose Theatre. Tickets are $20 in advance and $15 for ages 16 and under. Tickets can be purchased through the Alberta Rose website: www.albertarosetheatre.com/tickets.html.

Addy is an internationally acclaimed performer and composer whose music reaches far beyond the boundaries of his land of birth. Born into the Ga ethnic group in Accra, Ghana, Addy was one of the 55 children of Jacob Kpani Addy, a wonche or medicine man who integrated rhythmic music into healing and other rituals. Obo Addy’s earliest musical influence was the traditional music of the Ga people, but he was also influenced as an adolescent by popular music from Europe and the United States, and performed in local bands that played Westernized music and the dance music of Ghana known as highlife. He currently teaches at Lewis & Clark College and is the leader of two musical groups. Over the years, Addy has shared his music with more than one million Americans. He is passionate about rap and hip hop and believes that its positive messages need to be heard.

Crenshaw is a world class MC and poet emerging on the national and international stage. He has been the driving force for some of most popular hip hop artists in the region, including Hungry Mob, Suckapunch and Cleveland Steamers, releasing numerous albums. The Portland Mercury called Crenshaw (with the Lifesavas) “two of the very best hip-hop acts in PDX.” In 2009, he released his debut solo CD, “Thinking Out Loud,” which spent 10 weeks on CMJ’s National Radio Hip Hop Charts in the top 10, peaking at number four. He has since collaborated and shared the stage with major national and international acts including Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, the legendary Fugees, Ice Cube, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan and many others.

Alan Wone is a writer, filmmaker and educator of the media arts who has been acting for more than 30 years and writing for 15. He branded a creative writing style that he developed as curriculum for teenagers called “Philosofloetry.” He has four feature films to his credit and is a self-published author with a poetry series called “Afro-Isms and Deja Views” complete with a companion CD featuring live nightclub performances appropriately titled “Audio-Isms & Deja Grooves.” Wone will be directing DiaTribe: From The Village To The Streets and states: “The world needs to be taught the birth of the drum and its universal journey throughout the body of rhythm, especially hip-hop. DiaTribe blends two of my loves – percussion and vocal expression – to form a most magical, mutually musical matrimony of heart and soul.”

This program is sponsored in part by The Collins Foundation and The Oregon Cultural Trust. For more information, interviews and photos, contact Susan Addy at susan@oboaddylegacyproject.org or 503-810-0496.

source: Chris Crabb, Crabbsoup Public Relations


Take a Class, Learn Something Useful…and Have Fun!

14 Mar
Peggy Ross

Peggy Ross

Do you have trouble sewing a button back on a shirt after it falls off unexpectedly, and at the most inappropriate time?  Ever wondered what it takes to create a simple cloth?  Have you ever wanted to learn either, or both?  Wait no more!

Our Roster Artist, Peggy Ross, is conducting some courses to cover both of those areas at PCC (Portland Community College) this spring.  Three to be exact; 1) Handweaving: Introduction, 2) Sewing Made Easy: Beginning and 3) Sewing Made Easy: Intermediate.

What are you waiting for?  It’s March in Portland, which means it’s raining outside.  Not just a little bit.  Not just some.  A LOT.  And as we all know, the sun won’t REALLY return until summer begins on July 5th.

Summer’s End and Run For The Arts

6 Sep

courtesy: NWS

When Labor Day comes and goes, most people are prone to say summer is over.  For those of us in Portland, Oregon, that couldn’t be further from the truth this week; we’re expecting 90 degree heat through the weekend, possibly reaching close to 100 degrees along the way.  For us, summer is still on.

For students at most of the area schools, post-labor day is back to school.  I will admit it was nice having the ability to sit on the bus for my ride to work while school was out.  Today, however, it was back to the way it was; standing up for a good portion of the trip.  Welcome back students!

At the office right now, I have several projects going on for Young Audiences.  The first is the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts.  In a nutshell, this is a program that helps participating schools raise money for arts education and arts education-related expenses.  The Run (as we call it) is a jogathon the schools hold at their individual locations, with Young Audiences supplying the posters and the sponsor sheets for the students.  We also supply prizes for those students at each school who earn the most points (combined laps and total number of sponsors).  If you’d like to learn more about the Run, click here.  For entry forms for the Fall Run (October 2011) or the Spring 2012 Run (mid-March through April), they can be found here.

Run For The Arts

The other project that’s going on is the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt design contest.  This is open to all students for submission.  The entry form and rules can be found here.  Every year, Young Audiences holds this contest to see which design will be on next year’s t-shirt.  As part of the prizes, we provide t-shirts to the students who earn 30 or more points during the actual run, and the shirts have become somewhat of a collectible item.  The really fun part of being the T-Shirt Design Contest Winner is the winner gets a $350 prize, the opportunity to work with a graphic designer in preparing the image for the various printing formats and having their artwork appear on our website, the posters and the sponsor sheets, which is seen by everyone!

Having said all that, the cut-off date for submissions for the T-Shirt Design Contest is October 31st, 2011.  To take part in the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts, getting the paperwork in within the next few weeks ensures you have sufficient time to plan the Run, hold the Run and get the prizes to the students before the winter holiday.  Consider doing both, or a least one; the students are MORE than worth it.

Selfless Promotion 4/29/11

29 Apr

Selfless Promotions

As I have been reminded by the more “optimistic” people here at the office, it’s Springtime.  Somewhere else, I’m sure.  But here?  Not so much.  Come on!  It’s going to be May this weekend.  MAY!

Since Spring is a little behind schedule this year, why not get a jump on it and be entertained.  Indoors.  Where it’s warm.  And dry.  So very dry.

Hello New York; Thanks for the Wonderful Time!

27 Apr

Madison Square Park with some famous building in the background

I was just in New York City recently, and as it is with all good intentions, I was going to write a little a something here every day about my first return to “The City” (really, no other American city quite holds that distinction) in nearly 20 years. Obviously that didn’t happen.

I had such a great time and saw some interesting and cool things (they were to me, anyway), I wanted to share them, since it was only a few days ago I returned to Portlandia.

First, I loved the hotel I stayed at with my friend Greg. The Jane, built in 1908 as a sort of sailors hotel, was also were the 1912 survivors of the Titanic stayed during the inquiry as to the cause of the sinking.  It was very reasonably priced at $99 a night (plus taxes, fees, taxes and fees), but for that price, you better not be claustrophobic as the room was a bunk bed room at only 50 square feet.  Suffice it to say, when it came time to packing up, the most efficient way was to have only one person in the room at a time.  And yes, you get the community bathroom.  Again, for $99, you can’t beat it.

What was also cool is that the hotel has a restaurant (Cafe Gitane) and a bar, which, in the late nineties, was where Hedwig and the Angry Inch premiered and performed before getting hugely popular.

Me and some big spheres (Hayden Planetarium)

One of our first forays was over to Brooklyn, in the Red Hook area, to a little shop called the Everbrite Mercantile Company, for an art show.  The proprietors, Mollie and Brian,  have collected some amazing items for sale; some things you may have NEVER seen before, some truly new and inspired items and just some lovely kitsch.  All reasonably priced.  Check it out your next trip there.

Most of the trip was basically to get reacquainted with New York and to check out some of the newer architecture as well as check out the classics.  Despite seeing these buildings in countless movies, photos and TV programs, until you actually see them in person, you don’t really get a sense of their size and grandeur.  The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library were much more than I ever expected and absolute marvels, each in their own way.

While there, we were treated to some freaky weather one evening that impressed even this weather-jaded Portlander; thunder and lightning and sideways-pelting rain.  All this had me amused the following morning when walking about, we encountered aptly-named “umbrella carcasses” strewn all over the place.  The winds were strong enough to literally rip them from your hands.

Pee Wee's friend Terry at the Natural History Museum

One of the things we had planned on doing while there was to take in a Broadway show.  We were smart enough in this instance to purchase our tickets about the same time we purchased our plane tickets to ensure we got to see something.  And something we saw; The Book of Mormon.  It’s a full-blown musical from the creators of Southpark, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and Bobby Lopez of Avenue Q fame.  All I’m going to say is I was expecting something very unpredictable and possibly offensive, but was very pleasantly surprised that it was neither.  Which isn’t to say it’s perfect family entertainment, but it’s not what you might expect from these guys.  In all honesty, it was fantastic, and I’m glad I got over my reservations and saw it.  And while I’m being honest; I’d see it again.

Some of the other things we did was take a nice leisurely walk through Central Park the day after the freaky weather, checked out the Time Warner building, spent some tine at the Museum of Natural History (I’m a dork), the Hayden Planetarium (I’m an even bigger geek) and midtown Manhattan (you know, Rockefeller Center and Times Square).

High Line Park and the Standard Hotel

Another highlight was High Line Park.  In a nutshell, it’s a former raised freight train line that fell into disuse and with community effort and city backing, was turned into a raised, urban park.  If you have any interest in urban design, it is most definitely worth the time to check it out.  If not, it’s still worth seeing.

Lastly, probably the best meal I had was at a little French bistro in Chelsea that we happened upon accidentally in an attempt to escape the freaky weather, called simply, La Lunchonette.  I believe the link says it all.

We of course tripped all over the neighborhood we were staying in, but I won’t bore you with the details; it was great.  The city has changed since last I was there, and for all intended purposes, for the better.  I never once felt unsafe.  New York City is quite simply an amazing city and I can’t wait to go again.

“Snow White” at NW Children’s Theatre

11 Apr

For Tickets, click here.

source: Northwest Children’s Theater & School

Run For The Arts T-Shirt Submission on Display

6 Apr
Manipulating The Winning Design

Design contest winner and our designer working with Photoshop on the winning design

This time of year, Run For The Arts keeps me pretty busy; helping the schools with additional materials and answering their always good questions, assisting parents of participating students with their sponsor sheets, getting the banners hung all over town and getting the T-Shirt Design Contest submissions on display for the public as well as getting them on our website.

The display finally got set up this past Friday, April 1st at Umpqua Bank 1139 NW Lovejoy

To see all the submissions, you can also check out our website here.

All the submissions were fantastic and this was one of the more difficult selection processes we’ve been through, so enjoy the kid’s artwork!

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