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Run For The Arts Results are In!

14 Jun

Spring here in the Pacific Northwest has been anything but usual.  What with over 14 days of sunny, warm weather in mid May, to the back-to-back thunderstorms over Memorial Day and having reached our average amount of rainfall for June last week, it has indeed been strange.  To cap it all off, our Run For The Arts program exceeded our expectations and set a new record.  Below is the press release going out, and we couldn’t be prouder of the students involved, and the community at large…

Students from The Emerson School take part in the 2012 Spring Run For The Arts

Students from around Oregon and Washington, in conjunction with Young Audiences, have  completed the most successful year ever of The Run For The Arts program by raising $800,000.00 for arts education! Over 20,000 students from 81 different schools were involved in the Run For The Arts, helping to raise the money necessary to keep arts programming in their curriculum.

With school districts forced to make damaging cuts to arts programs, Run For The Arts, a  biannual jogathon held at individual schools, raises essential funds to bring the arts into schools.

The money raised will benefit students with residencies and performances by nearly 200 professional teaching artists; it will benefit teachers with teacher professional development, and will benefit schools with much needed art supplies. This year’s amount represents an almost 8% increase over last year, making the total raised-to-date over $13.5 million since the inception of the Run For The Arts program in 1977.

This year, a total of 81 schools in 14 districts across 6 counties and 2 states were involved. While all participating schools are worthy of praise and recognition, Beverly Cleary, Glencoe, Southwest Charter School and Woodstock elementary schools all had substantial increases in the money they raised from the previous year. Also noteworthy are some newcomers to the program; Franciscan Montessori Earth School in Portland, Mini Mozarts’ Preschool in Vancouver and Reedville Elementary in Aloha.

The Run For The Arts was sponsored by local business leader Oregon Screen Impressions, and participating students were awarded prizes from Northwest Children’s Theater, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Portland Center Stage and Portland Youth Philharmonic.


Been Away for Awhile

25 Jan
Office view from the elevators

Office view from the elevators

So.  I’ve been away for awhile.  The biggest reason…we moved our office.  It all began in October of 2011, when, in an effort to reduce expenses, we started looking for a new space that was smaller and more affordable.  Fortunately, the search didn’t take long, and better yet, we found a space in the SAME BUILDING!  All we had to do was move one floor up.  You would think that would be easy, but moving never is.  The actual physical move went pretty smoothly.  The hard part was coordinating our technology;  you know, getting Ethernet drops to all the desk locations, installing the phone system, moving the DSL modem and getting it up and running, hauling the extremely heavy server upstairs and getting everyone’s computers setup.  Overall, we had a down time during business hours of only a couple of hours.  PHEW!  We’re still setting up the office, but you kind of get the idea from the pictures.  The cool thing;  the elevators open directly into our space, kind of like the penthouses you used to see on TV shows in the late seventies and early eighties.  It’s pretty cool.

The office now has a 360 degree of downtown Portland

The office now has a 360 degree view of downtown Portland

We also had our Run For The Arts program going full board at the same time.  I’m happy to report the schools involved did exceedingly well, raising over $140,000 for arts programming in their schools.  We couldn’t be happier.

If that weren’t enough, we’re working on our annual fund-raiser which takes place on February 11, 2012.  So in October through December, we had to get the save-the-date reminder card and invitation designed and mailed.  I am happy to report we got that accomplished as well.

I’ll have plenty of other things to talk about soon, so stayed tuned and thank you for reading!

Christi Crowley Appointed New Young Audiences Development Coordinator

19 Sep

Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington

PORTLAND, OREGON (September 19, 2011) – Young Audiences is pleased to announce the appointment of Christi Crowley to the newly created position of Development Coordinator. With a BA in Elementary Education and Sociology from Boston College, experience in both school and business settings, and a background in theater, Crowley brings a multi-dimensional skill set to the organization where she plans to increase giving opportunities and broaden fund-raising outreach.

Ms. Crowley has worked as a grant writer and project coordinator for the North Clackamas School District (NCSD) in Milwaukie where she gained valuable experience in proposal writing, program design, evaluation and administration across a variety of programs.

Crowley is recognized as a highly motivated and organized individual. Her excellent communication skills and ability to make connections around common interests and promote collaborative problem-solving make her an ideal candidate to nurture Young Audiences’ partnerships with schools, artists, and the community.

Crowley says of her appointment, “I am thrilled to become part of the Young Audiences team and look forward to working as an advocate for the arts in our public schools.”

Mad Hot Burnin’ up the Dance Floor was FUN!

10 Mar

Mad Hot Burnin' up the Dance Floor Stage

Sydney Mesher & Students from Hartley and Rosa Parks Elementary

Mad Hot Burnin’ up the Dance Floor was held Saturday night, February 26 at the Portland Art Museum and was, by all accounts, a very successful evening.  Everyone who attended looked FABULOUS, the evenings program was tight and entertaining and most of all, we met our fund-raising goal for the evening!

Here’s a summary of the evening’s entertainment;

We started with 4th graders from Hartley Elementary

Students performing hip hop from Hartley Elementary School

doing hip-hop dance, followed by 5th graders from Rosa Parks Elementary performing classic ballroom.  For the event, the Hartley students all wore matching t-shirts while the Rosa Parks students were decked out in their finest.

Next up were the mascots from both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon who performed a choreographed dance number.  This led into University of Oregon’s Kari Herinckx performing “the Chustle”, a custom-choreographed number combining the Charleston and the Hustle.  Representing Oregon State University was D’Anna Piro, who performed a nearly flawless Salsa.

Rosa Parks Elementary

Students from Rosa Parks Elementary School performing classic ballroom

As a small break from the competitive dancing, Juliann Johnson sang a song to the elementary school children while a Young Audiences’ Board Member’s grand daughter did an impressive interpretive dance.

Then things heated up with the Banker’s Rematch.  Both Ric Carey of Umpqua Bank and Bruce Ramseyer of KeyBank performed the tango, with Ric trying to unseat Bruce’s victory from the previous year.

The Banker's Rematch

Bruce Ramseyer and Ric Carey Awards Acceptance

The evening closed with a choreographed dance number by the OSU Dance Team and our judges, Darcelle, Margie Boule and Gary Maffei were thanked for their participation.

I’m hopeful in the next couple of weeks we’ll have video from the event to share as everyone of the performers did a fantastic job.  In the mean time, we do have short videos from all the competitors taken during their practice rehearsals.

D’Anna Piro, Kari Herinckx, Ric Carey and Bruce Ramseyer.

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