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Mad Hot Burnin’ up the Dance Floor was FUN!

10 Mar

Mad Hot Burnin' up the Dance Floor Stage

Sydney Mesher & Students from Hartley and Rosa Parks Elementary

Mad Hot Burnin’ up the Dance Floor was held Saturday night, February 26 at the Portland Art Museum and was, by all accounts, a very successful evening.  Everyone who attended looked FABULOUS, the evenings program was tight and entertaining and most of all, we met our fund-raising goal for the evening!

Here’s a summary of the evening’s entertainment;

We started with 4th graders from Hartley Elementary

Students performing hip hop from Hartley Elementary School

doing hip-hop dance, followed by 5th graders from Rosa Parks Elementary performing classic ballroom.  For the event, the Hartley students all wore matching t-shirts while the Rosa Parks students were decked out in their finest.

Next up were the mascots from both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon who performed a choreographed dance number.  This led into University of Oregon’s Kari Herinckx performing “the Chustle”, a custom-choreographed number combining the Charleston and the Hustle.  Representing Oregon State University was D’Anna Piro, who performed a nearly flawless Salsa.

Rosa Parks Elementary

Students from Rosa Parks Elementary School performing classic ballroom

As a small break from the competitive dancing, Juliann Johnson sang a song to the elementary school children while a Young Audiences’ Board Member’s grand daughter did an impressive interpretive dance.

Then things heated up with the Banker’s Rematch.  Both Ric Carey of Umpqua Bank and Bruce Ramseyer of KeyBank performed the tango, with Ric trying to unseat Bruce’s victory from the previous year.

The Banker's Rematch

Bruce Ramseyer and Ric Carey Awards Acceptance

The evening closed with a choreographed dance number by the OSU Dance Team and our judges, Darcelle, Margie Boule and Gary Maffei were thanked for their participation.

I’m hopeful in the next couple of weeks we’ll have video from the event to share as everyone of the performers did a fantastic job.  In the mean time, we do have short videos from all the competitors taken during their practice rehearsals.

D’Anna Piro, Kari Herinckx, Ric Carey and Bruce Ramseyer.

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