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Featured Artist: Sarah Nagy

29 Oct

Filmmaker and animator Sarah Nagy

A near native of Portland (born in Michigan but in Oregon since age 2), Sarah Nagy‘s work as an independent filmmaker has been shown in festivals around the world, broadcast on PBS, and presented locally as part of PICA‘s Tiny TBA (TBA Festival for the junior set). She was graced with a “Best Narrative” award by fellow hometown hero Todd Haynes at the 27th Northwest Films and Video Festival.

Sarah has been teaching stop motion animation and filmmaking with Young Audiences since 2009 and named the teaching wing of her art practice – Buckman Film Academy – after her Portland neighborhood. She dreams that “someday there will be a film teacher in every school.” With Sarah here, Portland is one step closer to that reality.

Sarah’s creation: a film school for kids

What is your art practice outside of teaching? I like to make short comedic films and am trying to develop a television series. I also occasionally write short essays and send them to the New Yorker with my fingers crossed.

How does Oregon inspire your art making? The rain is great for staying inside and drawing animation!

If you could be any animal, what would you be? A cat—they get lots of sleep and they are supreme yoga masters. However, I’d miss the opposable thumbs. [Julie’s note: please check out Sarah’s Catupuncture video for a very Portland take on back ache and cat ownership.]

What is one of your earliest art memories? When I was in fourth grade, a chalk mountain I drew was hung in the Childrens’ Art Museum.  It was like winning an Oscar. Continue reading


Featured Artist: Andy Furgeson aka Red Yarn

15 Oct

Andy Furgeson aka Red Yarn

This week’s featured artist is none other than Andy Furgeson, aka Red Yarn: a one man (and sometimes band) of music, puppets, and forest creatures fun. An Austin, TX native and YA Roster artist since March 2011, this fall Red Yarn went full time as a teaching artist and can be found performing at schools, libraries, and community centers 5+ days a week.

(Look for his full schedule on the Red Yarn website and find his YA artist page here). In January 2010 Andy repurposed the Artclash Fun-A-Day project into Lomax-A-Day: choosing learn, record, and write about one song a day from Alan Lomax‘s 1960 Folk Songs of North America Anthology. Listen to and read from the archive of Andy’s writings and recording on Lomax-A-Day.

How does Oregon inspire your art making? In many ways. First, I’ve learned so much from the incredible community of musicians and artists I’ve found here, inspiring me to make my living by making art. Also, my creative process changes with Oregon’s seasons. In the winter and early spring I spend more time hunkered down, slowly generating new songs, puppets, and show ideas. In late spring, summer and early fall, I am out in the world, performing, collaborating, and letting the sunshine refuel my creative energy. Finally, Oregon’s natural landscape inspires my vision of the Deep Woods, the imagined world where all of my puppet characters live, where all of the animals from American folksongs coexist. Continue reading

Selfless Promotion – HALLOWEEN!

10 Oct

Vagabond Opera’s Annual Halloween Bash and Ten Year Anniversary Party!
The Transylvanian Voodoo Ball

With Chervona, Rachel Brice, Dum Spiro Spero with Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel and more!

Vagabond Opera Group Photo

Vagabond Opera

Vagabond Opera raises the dead in style at their sixth annual Halloween bash! The event will ALSO mark the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the band! Held in the vintage restored Star Theater (Portland’s historic 1911 silent film and Burlesque venue) Vagabond Opera presents a stunning night of haunting music, dance, ritual and art for honoring our ancestors and those who have passed. Whether you want to dance, party or pray this night is for you!

Vagabond Opera Halloween

a stunning night of haunting music, dance, ritual and art…

Featuring Russian party band Chervona, Haunting Appalachian tunes by Dum Spiro Spero with Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel and Belly dance by Rachel Brice and Karolina Lux. Also featuring wandering Butoh performers and an sacred fire ritual honoring our ancestors. The evening will also encourage audience participation with an interactive Day of the Dead altar, psychic Dino tarot readings, Lulu’s Chocolates and more for a truly eclectic and spell binding evening. Costumes highly encouraged!

Wed, October 31st

Vagabond Opera’s Annual Halloween Bash and Ten Year Anniversary

The Transylvanian Voodoo Ball

With Chervona, Dum Spiro Spero with Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel
Belly Dance by Rachel Brice and Karolina Lux
Wandering Butoh performers, Dino Tarot Readings and an interactive Day of the Dead Altar!
Costumes encouraged!
8 p.m. doors | 9 p.m. show
Star Theater, 13 NW 6th Avenue
TIckets: $16 advance | $20 door | 21+
   Buy online at www.startheaterportland.com
Call: 503-248-4700
View info online at www.vagabondopera.com/halloween

source: Vagabond Opera

DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets

23 Apr

Obo Addy

International artist, Young Audiences’ Roster Artist and Portland treasure Obo Addy takes to the streets, collaborates with the local hip hop community for a one-night event.  Following are the details:

DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets blends traditional Ghanaian drumming with modern day music and dance

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 23, 2012 – The newest production by the Obo Addy Legacy Project, DiaTribe: From the Village to the Streets, demonstrates the powerful connection between African traditions and the newer forms of dance and music popularized by today’s young African Americans. The legendary Obo Addy will be joined by well-known Portland artists Mic Crenshaw and Alan Wone to present a history of African music and dance from its traditional roots to urban dance music. The all ages show will take place May 25 at 7:30 pm at the Alberta Rose Theatre. Tickets are $20 in advance and $15 for ages 16 and under. Tickets can be purchased through the Alberta Rose website: www.albertarosetheatre.com/tickets.html.

Addy is an internationally acclaimed performer and composer whose music reaches far beyond the boundaries of his land of birth. Born into the Ga ethnic group in Accra, Ghana, Addy was one of the 55 children of Jacob Kpani Addy, a wonche or medicine man who integrated rhythmic music into healing and other rituals. Obo Addy’s earliest musical influence was the traditional music of the Ga people, but he was also influenced as an adolescent by popular music from Europe and the United States, and performed in local bands that played Westernized music and the dance music of Ghana known as highlife. He currently teaches at Lewis & Clark College and is the leader of two musical groups. Over the years, Addy has shared his music with more than one million Americans. He is passionate about rap and hip hop and believes that its positive messages need to be heard.

Crenshaw is a world class MC and poet emerging on the national and international stage. He has been the driving force for some of most popular hip hop artists in the region, including Hungry Mob, Suckapunch and Cleveland Steamers, releasing numerous albums. The Portland Mercury called Crenshaw (with the Lifesavas) “two of the very best hip-hop acts in PDX.” In 2009, he released his debut solo CD, “Thinking Out Loud,” which spent 10 weeks on CMJ’s National Radio Hip Hop Charts in the top 10, peaking at number four. He has since collaborated and shared the stage with major national and international acts including Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, the legendary Fugees, Ice Cube, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan and many others.

Alan Wone is a writer, filmmaker and educator of the media arts who has been acting for more than 30 years and writing for 15. He branded a creative writing style that he developed as curriculum for teenagers called “Philosofloetry.” He has four feature films to his credit and is a self-published author with a poetry series called “Afro-Isms and Deja Views” complete with a companion CD featuring live nightclub performances appropriately titled “Audio-Isms & Deja Grooves.” Wone will be directing DiaTribe: From The Village To The Streets and states: “The world needs to be taught the birth of the drum and its universal journey throughout the body of rhythm, especially hip-hop. DiaTribe blends two of my loves – percussion and vocal expression – to form a most magical, mutually musical matrimony of heart and soul.”

This program is sponsored in part by The Collins Foundation and The Oregon Cultural Trust. For more information, interviews and photos, contact Susan Addy at susan@oboaddylegacyproject.org or 503-810-0496.

source: Chris Crabb, Crabbsoup Public Relations

Take a Class, Learn Something Useful…and Have Fun!

14 Mar
Peggy Ross

Peggy Ross

Do you have trouble sewing a button back on a shirt after it falls off unexpectedly, and at the most inappropriate time?  Ever wondered what it takes to create a simple cloth?  Have you ever wanted to learn either, or both?  Wait no more!

Our Roster Artist, Peggy Ross, is conducting some courses to cover both of those areas at PCC (Portland Community College) this spring.  Three to be exact; 1) Handweaving: Introduction, 2) Sewing Made Easy: Beginning and 3) Sewing Made Easy: Intermediate.

What are you waiting for?  It’s March in Portland, which means it’s raining outside.  Not just a little bit.  Not just some.  A LOT.  And as we all know, the sun won’t REALLY return until summer begins on July 5th.

Selfless Promotion 2/11/11

12 Feb

It’s February.  And the weekend.  Here’s what some of our artists have coming up and performances around town…

From Con Grazia Wind Quintet:

Saturday, February 12 – 7:30!

-Lully’s Triumph of Love (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

-Grieg’s popular Holberg Suite (arr. for winds)

-Divertimento for Flute, Oboe & Clarinet by Malcolm Arnold. This composer writes quirky melodic lines with exciting virtuosic passages in his fast movements, and stunningly gorgeous slow movements in this showcase for flute, oboe and clarinet.

Rebecca Olson, flute; Victoria Racz, oboe; Jill Coykendall, clarinet

-Symphony in D – Boccherini.  This symphony is a BLAST to play and just fizzes with effervescence. A delightful way to end a concert!

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

4033 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland.

$15 general and $12 student/senior – available at the door. (cash/check only please)

And to continue your Valentine’s Day ‘Season’ in style:

Aromatic herbs. Classic recipes. The sweep of history. Nel Centro is a modern, light-filled aria to one of the world’s most revered cuisines. Nel Centro (Italian for “in the center”) explores the classic dishes of the Riviera and chef David Machado’s passion for grand culinary traditions and locally sourced, seasonal food. An open dining room, bar and a beautiful outdoor patio in-season. Valet parking is available adjacent to the restaurant at the Hotel Modera, 515 SW Clay Street.


Doesn’t that sound lovely?  During our concert an audience member will win a Gift Certificate for $75 for Hotel Modera’s Nel Centro! Perhaps you haven’t picked up any Valentine’s Day gifts yet?  Don’t worry – we’ve thought of everything for you and will have some selections from See’s available for purchase!

Hope to see YOU at the concert – as always we’ll have a reception afterwards so we may meet new audience members and talk with our loyal fans.






From Gideon Freudmann:

Gideon Freudmann’s  CelloBop Newsletter

*February*   2011


It’s February, the little month with a big heart … whatever that means?

This Month

I have a few shows this month, starting with a performance at Willamette University on Feb 3rd. You will have to exceed the speed of light and somehow travel backward in time to make it to that show. It should be worth the effort.

On Sunday the 13th, I’ll be participating in a memorial concert at the Christ Church, 1060 Chandler Rd, Lake Oswego, OR at 2pm. There will be a variety of performers at this short concert. All ages and free.

Saturday the 19th I’ll play at Miz Kitty’s Parlour – a monthly vaudevillian variety show that I’ve done a few times in the past. This time around guitarist Brad Price is joining me with our newly dubbed moniker, The Field Trippers.  The show starts at 7pm at the Mission Theatre,

624 N.W. Glisan in Portland



More gigs are listed below.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Post and …

The online news outlet, the Huffingtonpost.com (with right thinking views for left thinking people) recently posted a little story and video of the Portland Cello Project playing Kanye West’s, “All of the Lights”.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/30/the-portland-cello-projec_n_815653.html

In other PCP news, I got a call from my brother who read a recent novel called, If I Stay (2009, by Gayle Forman) about a girl from Oregon who plays cello and at one point someone asks her if she’s ever heard of The Portland Cello Project.

Why is the group called PCP, some have asked? Simple – because horse tranquilizers and 8 cellos have more in common than you might think.

iPod, iPad…

Whatever you need, there’s a gizmo that’s just right for you. I imagine an app that targets pirates … the iPatch.

Yar, the peg-leg in me cello was shot off by a lily-livered scallywag.

Whew, clearly a case of too much coffee and not enough news.

March will be more exciting.


Concerts are listed below. More info, gig updates, recordings & sheet music can be found at www.cellobop.com .

CelloBop Concerts


2/3  Salem, OR,  Willamette University

2/13  Lake Oswego, OR,  Memorial Concert, 2pm, 1060 Chandler Rd

2/19  Portland, OR  Mission Theatre, Miz Kitty’s Parlour 624 N.W. Glisan in Portland.  21+


3/2  West Linn, OR  Sunset School

3/3  Portland, OR   Attic Gallery

3/9  West Linn, OR  Athey Creek Orchestra Concert

3/12  Portland, OR   TaborSpace, 7:30

silent film: Buster Keaton’s, “Sherlock, Jr.”


4/7    Portland, OR   Attic Gallery

4/10  Woodburn, OR  Library

4/17  Detroit, OR  Breitenbush

4/28 Stonington, CT  Pine Point School

4/29  Brattleboro, VT  Latchis Theatre,

silent film: Fritz Lang’s,  “Metropolis”

4/30 Amherst, MA   Broque CD release


5/10  Portland, OR, French American School

5/13-15  New Mexico




From Aaron Meyer:

February 13 – Valentines Concert with Aaron Meyer & Tim Ellis at The Day Music Theatre & Performing Arts Center.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 2 – 3:30 pm

Join violinist Aaron Meyer & guitarist/producer Tim Ellis for an intimate Valentines Concert at Oregon’s newest performing arts center, The Day Music Theatre and Performing Arts Center.

Tickets $25 – no service charges
To reserve your tickets call 503.515.3461 or email info@aaronmeyer.com

The Day Music Building
5516 SE Foster
Portland, Oregon 97206

February 14 – Portland City Grill Presents:  “Valentines In The Sky”  – Dinner & Concert

February 14, 2011 at 7 pm

“Valentines In The Sky” Dinner & Concert
Featuring Violinist Aaron Meyer & Guitarist Tim Ellis

$125 per person

Price includes:
– Full course dinner paired with NW wines
– 2.5 hour parking
– gratuity
– concert with Aaron Meyer & Tim Ellis
– fabulous view of Portland

Dinner at 7 pm
Concert at 8:30 pm

Contact Portland City Grill Private Dining to make reservations
503.525.5260 or  banquets@portlandcitygrill.com

Note: Vegetarian option available upon request.  Please let the staff know when you call.

Summer Music Camp with Violinist Aaron Meyer and Producer Tim Ellis – 2011

No musical experience required.  This program is open to any student interested in learning about music, songwriting, and recording.

PLEASE NOTE: we have two summer music camps for 2011
click on the links below for the details of each camp.
Canon Beach, Oregon – June 22 & 23
Portland, Oregon – July 11 thru 15

The Details:
Ages 8 – 14 welcome to register
Limited space
final performance where students perform their original songs

Tuition & Fee Schedule
$250 per student – $100 deposit required to reserve your space
No musical experience required.

In this one of a kind program children will learn how to:

–  Write lyrics and produce their own music CD.

–  Record & perform your own original music

–  Make their own CD.

–  This program is very creative, educational, & fun.

–  Students will tour one of the northwest’s finest recording studios (Portland Camp only).

–  Students will go to a live performance with Aaron and experience   a load in, sound check, and concert

–  Early drop off available – Snack provided
To reserve your spot or for more information
call 503.515.3461 or email:  info@aaronmeyer.com

for more info and to hear samples of student songs
click here

More Aaron Meyer Events

Friday, February 11 – Music in The Mountains presents Toh-Atin Fundraiser – Durango, CO

February 12 – Aaron Meyer opens for the Vancouver Symphony Big Band.

Friday, March, 4  – Garden of Hope Benefit Concert

Saturday, June 4 – Christ United Methodist Church presents Aaron Meyer and Tim Ellis in concert

June 22 & 23 – Summer Music Camp in Canon Beach, Oregon


YA Has 4 New Artists!

13 Dec

We recently changed the timeline we’ve used for eons to bring artists onto our roster. Although the rigorous process is the same, it’s now more of a “rolling admission” schedule. This is pretty cool because it means we don’t have to wait until the fall of each year to offer new programs to area schools. This little preamble is just to let you know we’ve enacted our brilliant new plan and now have 4 new (to YA) artists ready and willing to do great performances and residencies! Check them out below.

Karen Brunke moved to Portland after spending a decade as an elementary school art teacher in Nashville, TN. She has degrees in Art History and Art Education and offers visual arts residencies through Young Audiences. In particular, she teaches sculpture from recycled objects and basic painting skills. She is able to connect many other core curricular areas to her work in the classroom.

Click here for Karen’s page on our website.

Add a new dimension to your students’ work with stop motion animation taught by artist, Sarah Nagy! Students will design sets and characters in the classroom and then work with Sarah to shoot a short film using their creations.Sarah has her master’s degree in film and television studies and recently led Buckman Elementary students to an award at the 33rd Young Persons Film and Video Festival.

Click here for Sarah’s page on our website.

After several years of offering his Rock ‘n’ Roll Kindy music program in the Portland area, Mo Phillips is bringing his high-energy singing and songwriting performance and residency to Young Audiences. He has special training in early childhood education which makes him a particularly good choice for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners who need a little music in their lives.

Click here for Mo’s page on our website.

Shinmai Dance Ensemble is made up of Portland Taiko drummers Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe. Together they teach a Japanese folk dance called Soran Bushi, a fisherman’s dance. They have performed and taught in school setting in both Japan and the United States over nearly the past decade. In addition to dance, their residency also includes exploration of Japanese culture and language.

Click here for Shinmai’s page on our website.

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