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All Things Run For The Arts

2 Oct
SW Charter 2011 Run

Students participating in the Run For The Arts. photo courtesy of Jenny Coleman

School has started, Fall is upon us and the weather here in Portland has been magnificent!  I’ve been in Portland for nearly 20 years (yikes!) and this is the best summer weather I’ve ever seen.  Not to jinx things, but when it starts raining, I hope it’s not until November.  And here’s why…

2012 T-Shirt Design Winner

2012 Run For The Arts Final Design

2011 T-Shirt Design Winner

2011 Run For The Arts Winning Design

October is when the Fall Run For The Arts happens at area schools.  The nice thing about doing the run this time of year as opposed to spring (mid-March through April) is the weather; runs don’t get rained out as much, if at all.  The drawback is there is a shorter prep time since school has only been back less than a month, whereas in spring, there’s some breathing room in getting it all set up.

The other Run For The Arts thing that happens is the T-Shirt Design Contest. We got off to a late start this year, so we’ve extended the deadline from it’s usual October 31st to November 30th.  Area schools should be receiving entry forms in the mail this week, addressed to Arts Coordinator.

2010 T-Shirt Design Winner

2010 Run For The Arts Winning Design

2009 T-Shirt Design Winner

2009 Run For The Arts Winning Design

2008 T-Shirt Design Winner

2008 Run For The Arts Winning Design

Once we receive all the submissions for the T-Shirt Design Contest (rules here), we review them, then the entire office has an opportunity to select the ones they like.  We have a Winner, a Second Place, a Third Place and usually an Honorable Mention or two.  The winner gets a $350 prize and the chance to work with a professional Graphic Designer to digitize their design!

2007 T-Shirt Design Winner

2007 Run For The Arts Winning Design

2006 T-shirt Design Winner

2006 Run For The Arts Winning Design

2005 T-Shirt Design Winner

2005 Run For The Arts Winning Design

The winning artwork will appear on ALL the posters and sponsor sheets for 2013 and, most importantly, their image will appear on the 2013 Run For The Arts T-Shirts!  This is a great experience for the budding artist in your family.

In case you were wondering, all the images in this post are past winners, and no two winners are alike!  If you’re interested in submitting something, here’s more information, and good luck!


The 2012-2013 Run For The Arts

30 Aug

The Emerson School prepares to start their Run For The Arts

It’s late August here in Portland and the weather this summer has been pretty much perfect.  We had a few days of searing temperatures, but now we’re back to the mid-seventies.  Which is good, because school starts up again next week!

In our post from August 23, supplied by the Creative Advocacy Network, we noted Portland’s elementary schools have considerably less arts education than the national average.  In fact, over 12,000 children attend schools with no art, dance, theatre, or music instruction.  Well we, Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington, have a program that might help alleviate that situation in your school.  It’s a little something we call Run For The Arts.  In a nutshell, it’s a jog-a-thon schools can host to raises money solely to be used on arts and arts education programs.  It works like this;

  • Schools decide when to host their run – Fall 2012 or Spring 2013
  • Schools complete and submit the require Letter of Agreement Form  (Fall 2012 / Spring 2013)
  • Young Audiences provides the sponsor sheets and posters
  • Schools have their students get sponsors
  • Students do the jog-a-thon at their school
  • The school Run For The Arts Coordinators collect the sponsor sheets and associated funds raised from the students
  • Funds are turned into Young Audiences and held in individual school Run For The Arts accounts
  • Schools choose arts programs – residencies, workshops, field trips, performances – or arts supplies, and use their run funds to pay for them

It’s that simple.  The Fall 2012 Run happens from October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012, while the Spring 2013 Run happens from March 11, 2013 through April 30, 2013.  Since the program’s inception way back in 1977, schools have raised a combined $13, 600,000 for the arts.  And this past school year alone, participating schools raised nearly $800,000!

Contact Young Audiences to find out more:  503-225-5900 / email / web

Run For The Arts Results are In!

14 Jun

Spring here in the Pacific Northwest has been anything but usual.  What with over 14 days of sunny, warm weather in mid May, to the back-to-back thunderstorms over Memorial Day and having reached our average amount of rainfall for June last week, it has indeed been strange.  To cap it all off, our Run For The Arts program exceeded our expectations and set a new record.  Below is the press release going out, and we couldn’t be prouder of the students involved, and the community at large…

Students from The Emerson School take part in the 2012 Spring Run For The Arts

Students from around Oregon and Washington, in conjunction with Young Audiences, have  completed the most successful year ever of The Run For The Arts program by raising $800,000.00 for arts education! Over 20,000 students from 81 different schools were involved in the Run For The Arts, helping to raise the money necessary to keep arts programming in their curriculum.

With school districts forced to make damaging cuts to arts programs, Run For The Arts, a  biannual jogathon held at individual schools, raises essential funds to bring the arts into schools.

The money raised will benefit students with residencies and performances by nearly 200 professional teaching artists; it will benefit teachers with teacher professional development, and will benefit schools with much needed art supplies. This year’s amount represents an almost 8% increase over last year, making the total raised-to-date over $13.5 million since the inception of the Run For The Arts program in 1977.

This year, a total of 81 schools in 14 districts across 6 counties and 2 states were involved. While all participating schools are worthy of praise and recognition, Beverly Cleary, Glencoe, Southwest Charter School and Woodstock elementary schools all had substantial increases in the money they raised from the previous year. Also noteworthy are some newcomers to the program; Franciscan Montessori Earth School in Portland, Mini Mozarts’ Preschool in Vancouver and Reedville Elementary in Aloha.

The Run For The Arts was sponsored by local business leader Oregon Screen Impressions, and participating students were awarded prizes from Northwest Children’s Theater, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Portland Center Stage and Portland Youth Philharmonic.

2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Contest Submissions on Display

19 Apr
2012 T-Shirt Design Winner

2012 Run For The Arts Modified Winning Design

This time of year, Run For The Arts keeps me pretty busy; helping the schools with additional materials and answering their always good questions, assisting parents of participating students with their sponsor sheet questions, getting the banners hung all over town and getting the T-Shirt Design Contest submissions on display for the public as well as getting them on our website.

Well, most of that has been taken care of already.

Starting Monday, April 23rd through Friday, April 27th, a vast majority of the submissions we received for the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest will be on display at Umpqua Bank in the Pearl District.  In the past, they were on display for about 4 weeks, but it was only a matter of time before others started clamoring  for this choice location (right on the Portland Street Car Line) and we were reduced to just a week.  I’ll take what I can get.

If you don’t get a chance to see them at Umpqua Bank, you can see them on our website.  I probably sound like a broken record (will that phrase ever be retired even though vinyl is moving to the annuals of old tech?), but this year was tough in selecting a winning design, so enjoy all the wonderful submissions!

2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest Winner and Winning Design

8 Mar

Run For The Arts

In the last 8 days, we here in Portland have gone from threats of snow the last few days of February to nearly 60 degrees over the weekend, then back to snow on Tuesday and soon we’ll be back in the 60 degree range.  Crazy weather.  Of course, it could be worse.

Having complained about the weather, it should come as no surprise that selecting the winning design for the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt was just as crazy; we had a very hard time deciding which one would be the winner, and we were all over the map!   And since it took us FOREVER to decide, it put the whole process behind schedule, something I try very diligently to avoid.

So without further a due, I’m pleased to announce the winning submission of the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt Design Contest.2012 T-Shirt Design Winner  Her name is Caemlyn, age 9 and attends Arleta School.

Since selecting only one entry was so difficult, we made a few changes to the process.  In the past, there was only the winning design.  This year we decided to add some additional categories; First Runner Up, Second Runner Up and 2 Honorable Mentions (links are here and here).

The additional category winners all received a certificate proclaiming their achievement.  The overall winner received a certificate as well, $350.00, the opportunity to work with a seasoned designer in converting their drawing into digital media, attending our annual gala event as our guest, take part in a the initial press run of the t-shirt and will have their design appear on thousands of t-shirts and tens of thousands of sponsor sheets.  A pretty nice prize for being the winner, if I don’t say so myself.

So the crazy indecision we suffered was well worth it.  Of course, come January of next year, I may not feel the same way.

Been Away for Awhile

25 Jan
Office view from the elevators

Office view from the elevators

So.  I’ve been away for awhile.  The biggest reason…we moved our office.  It all began in October of 2011, when, in an effort to reduce expenses, we started looking for a new space that was smaller and more affordable.  Fortunately, the search didn’t take long, and better yet, we found a space in the SAME BUILDING!  All we had to do was move one floor up.  You would think that would be easy, but moving never is.  The actual physical move went pretty smoothly.  The hard part was coordinating our technology;  you know, getting Ethernet drops to all the desk locations, installing the phone system, moving the DSL modem and getting it up and running, hauling the extremely heavy server upstairs and getting everyone’s computers setup.  Overall, we had a down time during business hours of only a couple of hours.  PHEW!  We’re still setting up the office, but you kind of get the idea from the pictures.  The cool thing;  the elevators open directly into our space, kind of like the penthouses you used to see on TV shows in the late seventies and early eighties.  It’s pretty cool.

The office now has a 360 degree of downtown Portland

The office now has a 360 degree view of downtown Portland

We also had our Run For The Arts program going full board at the same time.  I’m happy to report the schools involved did exceedingly well, raising over $140,000 for arts programming in their schools.  We couldn’t be happier.

If that weren’t enough, we’re working on our annual fund-raiser which takes place on February 11, 2012.  So in October through December, we had to get the save-the-date reminder card and invitation designed and mailed.  I am happy to report we got that accomplished as well.

I’ll have plenty of other things to talk about soon, so stayed tuned and thank you for reading!

Summer’s End and Run For The Arts

6 Sep

courtesy: NWS

When Labor Day comes and goes, most people are prone to say summer is over.  For those of us in Portland, Oregon, that couldn’t be further from the truth this week; we’re expecting 90 degree heat through the weekend, possibly reaching close to 100 degrees along the way.  For us, summer is still on.

For students at most of the area schools, post-labor day is back to school.  I will admit it was nice having the ability to sit on the bus for my ride to work while school was out.  Today, however, it was back to the way it was; standing up for a good portion of the trip.  Welcome back students!

At the office right now, I have several projects going on for Young Audiences.  The first is the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts.  In a nutshell, this is a program that helps participating schools raise money for arts education and arts education-related expenses.  The Run (as we call it) is a jogathon the schools hold at their individual locations, with Young Audiences supplying the posters and the sponsor sheets for the students.  We also supply prizes for those students at each school who earn the most points (combined laps and total number of sponsors).  If you’d like to learn more about the Run, click here.  For entry forms for the Fall Run (October 2011) or the Spring 2012 Run (mid-March through April), they can be found here.

Run For The Arts

The other project that’s going on is the 2012 Run For The Arts T-Shirt design contest.  This is open to all students for submission.  The entry form and rules can be found here.  Every year, Young Audiences holds this contest to see which design will be on next year’s t-shirt.  As part of the prizes, we provide t-shirts to the students who earn 30 or more points during the actual run, and the shirts have become somewhat of a collectible item.  The really fun part of being the T-Shirt Design Contest Winner is the winner gets a $350 prize, the opportunity to work with a graphic designer in preparing the image for the various printing formats and having their artwork appear on our website, the posters and the sponsor sheets, which is seen by everyone!

Having said all that, the cut-off date for submissions for the T-Shirt Design Contest is October 31st, 2011.  To take part in the Fall 2011 Run For The Arts, getting the paperwork in within the next few weeks ensures you have sufficient time to plan the Run, hold the Run and get the prizes to the students before the winter holiday.  Consider doing both, or a least one; the students are MORE than worth it.

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